Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Well, I've been leveling like a crazy person and now my shiny new elf cat is 38. Or 39. I can't remember, it's kind of a blur. My g/f and I have been leveling our druids together and she recently went balance while I stayed feral and it's been a amazingly fast experience. Since Notabear, I've made some changes so as not to make the same mistakes.

1) Enchanting. I am so sick of never having an enchanter around when I really need one.
2) Jewelcrafting. See above. Although right now I am a scribe because the glyphs were all OP and I am now poor.
3) Use a proxy. I have a DK solely for the purpose of herbing and mining. It makes gathering easy for now with On a Pale Horse and leaves my druid free to take two crafting profs and thereby increases my HPS by 56 instead of 28.
4) UI. I was always happy with Nota's UI but then I rerolled and distracted myself with new UIs for a bit. There are things. Let me tell you. Grid? Replaced. That's right. RE - PLACED. I'll give some more info on my new UI a bit later, after lunch and leveling. It uses a LOT less memory than before so it is nice. I mean I AM using 26 MB atm because of Carbonite, Lightheaded, Tour Guide, and TomTom, but those are for leveling (^_^ )y

But, a bit of bad news. My mouse died >.< Stupid cheap ass Micro Innovations from Walmart. I believe they're called Design Innovations or some nonsense now. DO NOT BUY THEM.

I'm using an emergency back up mouse but this cause problems. You see, my mouse and keyboard use the same USB Input. The emergency mouse uses a separate one. Replacing my mouse will still leave me with another mouse on the comp that I have to keep battery-less lest I get feedback from the old one. Getting a new keyboard is the next step, but I've been using this one sans the Down and Right key. I know, it IS problamtic but I've healed all of Ulduar without them so meh.

Anywho, once I get my new mouse, hopefully with 5+ buttons because I miss them very much, I'll post my new UI info and a review of the cheap mouse I get (^_^)b

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