Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surveys ahoy!

Restokin has put a survey for druids on the forums: here.

In case you've ever wondered how Keeva and Kae heal, they're both on page 4.


1. The type of content you expect to heal after patch 3.3 hits: __B__
A) Mostly 5-mans (little to no raiding)
B) Mostly 10-man raids, little to no 25-mans.

C) 25-man raids only.
D) Both 25 & 10-man raids.

2. If you plan to raid 10 and/or 25-man raids after patch 3.3, which raid dungeon do you expect to raid most often: __D,C,B__
A) Naxxramas
B) Ulduar
C) Trial of the Crusader
D) Icecrown Citadel

This question is tricky. ToC doesn't take much time to run as it is, and only the first wing of ICC will be available, so in all honesty, I think it will be a fair amount of equal raiding.

3. When healing in a raid, do you usually: __C___
A) Heal tanks
B) Heal raid members, but not tanks
C) Put HOTs on the tank and then focus on healing the raid members.
D) Only run 5-mans & don't run 10 or 25-man raids.
E) Other (describe what you do).

4. What heal do you use the most? (if you use healing meters, this would be the heal that makes up the greatest % of your healing done - can choose more than 1). _A,C,D__
A) Rejuvenation
B) Lifebloom
C) Wild growth
D) Nourish

E) Healing Touch
F) Regrowth

5. What heal do you use the least? (this would be the heal that makes up the lowest % of your healing done - can choose more than 1). ___E____
A) Rejuvenation
B) Lifebloom
C) Wild growth
D) Nourish
E) Healing Touch
F) Regrowth

6. Do you plan on using the glyph of rapid rejuvenation in 3.3? ___D____
A) Yes
B) No
C) Not sure
D) Sometimes, will swap in & out with another glyph depending on encounter.
E) Don't know what that glyph is or what it does

7. Do you plan on putting talent points in Celestial focus (from the balance tree) to increase your haste in patch 3.3? NOTE: the new haste soft-cap without CF is ~850. ___A____
A) Yes
B) No
C) Not sure

As my gear gains more haste, I'll start pulling points out of CF.

8. What gear set(s) do you hope you will acquire after patch 3.3 comes out? (you can select more than one answer) ___D____
A) At least 2 pieces of tier 7
B) At least 2 pieces of Tier 8
C) At least 2 pieces of tier 9
D) At least 2 pieces of tier 10
E) Not sure

9. Do you expect your healing style to change in patch 3.3? ___B___
A) Yes
B) No

C) not sure.

What is your current healing style? (Describe) Full HoTs on the MT, All HoTs except LB on the OT, Rejuv likely targets for dmg, ALWAYS rejuv the melee, WG Melee on CD so they always have a HoT and to make the most benefit from Revitalize, except to accommodate raid dmg where needed, WG+Nourish the raid burst dmg, LB+Nourish on WG CD to get that extra HoT on them while WG is not usable and get an extra bloom in case Nourish doesn't get them topped, HT Bomb surprise nukes, SM on CD, where applicable, Innervate myself because the disc priest and Holy Pally never go oom. When the tanks are pulling taunt swap rotations, I'll Fully HoT whoever has the boss, and pre HoT the OT, when the taunt is about to occur I will roll LB on the next tank and let the bloom take care of that pesky "final dmg" swing the boss seems to always slip in. Regrowth + Rejuv through Incinerate Flesh. Rejuv on Snobold Targets. WG through Fires in VoA. On Ony, I'll put full HoTs on the tank and Rejuv the melee so I always have my proc and the melee can benefit from Revitalize. HT Bomb/SM to snipe heals and make my other healers cuss on vent :D

If you chose Yes for #9, how do you think your healing style will change (describe)? Unless I'm glyphed for RR it won't change, however, when I AM glyphed RR, I will drop Regrowth from my rotation in favor of RR + Nourish. In times where I glyph Regrowth, I will drop Rejuv in favor of Regrowth refreshes and Nourish. In cases where I glyph HT, I will drop WG in favor of HT+HoTs+Nourish spam on tanks.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Turkey Me Bro

So let me tell you about MY day.

First off, I'm in a guild now that does 10 mans, and generally speaking its a fun guild and the people are fun and make me laugh while at the same time we get the job done. It isn't a hxc guild by any means, and it tends on the casual side, with people wanting to leave after 5 or 6 wipes on the same thing. So be it.

There's been a lot of clique-ishness going on as most of the raiders have friends in the guild they know in real life. In our progression raids alone we have 3 couples, one of which is ME!

There's one couple who actually are great players and have hxc mentality but are held back by a shoddy isp. One is a rogue and the other is a warlock. I have liked these two since I met them. Until tonight.

So we're in toc. We're at faction champs, marking and explaining for the new girl, who just happens to be a real life friend of one of the tanks. Its a long explanation, so we get bored. Turkeys and fires come out, pandas, lil kt's, furbolgs, flame dancers, disco balls, the Arch Mage, basically anything fun that we have, we play with when we wait.

This time, I opt for my trusty turkey shooter. I shoot the rogue. He removes the buff. I get an idea. I sneak over to him, pull out my own turkey, shoot him again and command that he make an army of turkeys for me by mating with my own little gobblenator. Someone else points out that the turkey pet is male because he "Senses HIS Destiny." and that this "mating" may not be fruitful. You know, just goofin off while we wait.

He logs out.

He then instructs his wife to tell us that "He came to raid, not to be turned into a turkey" and that "He mentioned in Gchat repeatedly that he did not want to be turned into a turkey".

I was not on for this, so I was unaware.

Here's my two cents:

So fucking what. Oh no, the big baby doesn't like being turkified! He hates this holiday because people turn him into a turkey. Tough shit, buddy. We standing here waiting for a ready check and decide to have a little fun and instead of saying something, you turn into a 5 year old and throw a tantrum. Had we had 2 more dps online, I would have straight said, fuck you, and brought someone who wasn't going to behave like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The fact that you would hold up the raid because you felt that having you pixels redesigned, while not affecting you dps in any way I might add, was a slight to you, shows exactly how much you really wanted to raid. Save your little PMS drama session for a pug. This is a guild run and we're all friends here. But YOU have to be a big ole drama queen and fuck the fun right out the window like a bad porno.

I lost almost ALL the respect I had for these two tonight. One for being a wet blanket and the other for making things worse. When my gf behaves like a spoiled princess, I call her on it. When I act like an unreasonable douche, she calls ME on it. But instead of saying, "Hey honey, stfu and stop being a big baby." she goes and placates his childish behavior.

And even AFTER I told him all he had to do was /t me he didn't like that, he still decided airing laundry in raid chat was the proper way to handle things.

I will not apologize for my actions. Although, I had to fight the urge to use the remaining 6 in my bags to fuck with him all night.

It made me realize that, this may not be the guild for us. If such a little thing like that can turn a friend into a foe, then there's more drma here than meets the eye. These waters are dark and the kraken that lie beneath these waves may be bigger than I had originally thought.