Saturday, June 12, 2010

What it means to grow up.

So it is that time where I tell you how I came to play wow. Ish. Mostly I'm about to tell you what it feels like to be a newb.

I chose a druid for my first toon. He made it to level 13 I think. His name was Gongshow. He used a one handed mace and was a Nelf. He did not have cat form. I ran everywhere on him. RAN, and complained how slow he was. I thought a Raid was what our guild did to Tarren Mill. I got mad when they started doing BRS and wouldn't play with me anymore. :(

My next toon was a Warlock. I thought that like any game magic meant arcane. I wore all arcane gear at 60. I was terrible. Absolutely horrendous. Why anyone brought me to a raid was beyond me. I geared up in ZG and even hit exalted. Our guild was bad. When I left for a top end guild, I was still bad. Couldn't break the top 10 in DPS as a WARLOCK in VANILLA. All the other locks could. I was just bad. I ended her career in AQ40. That's how far they carried me.

My next toon was a mage who went all the way to Illidan. Then I settled back on Druid and am looking at Arthas.

I had to help my gf level her druid. We thought resto was a good leveling spec. I had heard cat form did lots of dmg so I would go cat, as resto, and try to kill things. It took... For-eh-Ver.

We are now some of the top healers on our server. We understand things about this game people can't even fathom. We are elite now. Best of the best. But I always remember the terrible start we had. And even now, 5 years later, I respect what it is to be new to the game. So the next time you have some fucking retarded ass feral druid trying to hurricane the aoe packs to "stay competitive" feel free to guide the young blood with information like, feral sucks at aoe. You are a single target attacker like a rogue. Just cry in silence when the mages and locks and fury warriors make you look bad. Then rape their faces on the boss.

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