Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay for videos

So we made our first video. I wanted to film it but my pc is such a pile of crap that I cannot fraps and play at the same time which defeats the purpose of the former. I did, however, create the intro, which my guildees yelled at me cause the light was too bright. Meh. They'll have to wait for the hardmodes to get a new one. I'm lazy like that. But everyone seems to like the Guild Intro, which is good since it took a few hours to render, let alone design. I let them choose between the videos for the song, they all chose the first one. Spiffy and I both chose the second one, but apparently they no likey the jpop. Some background on that though, I had put the videos on her pc because its more powerful than mine and I needed to test the length with a song, so I randomly chose a song, which just so happened, to not only, meet the length, but also sync up perfectly and allow for an epic ending. It helps if you know the lyrics to get the whole timing thing, but they wanted hardcore technos beatses. I r complied.

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