Friday, January 8, 2010

Mah UI and progess from ICC

Alright, so i am no longer in an endgame guild. i miss it, i really do. But where i am at with work and such has inhibited raiding times which most hxc guilds have. Poopie.

But I can still do ICC. Unfortunately, in a casual guild there are things that can get on my nerves. Things like, people not flasking, or people not using Min/Max on their gear, random afks, extensive boss explanations which take longer than the boss kill, leaving after only 3 hours, etc.

Also there tend to be players that are brought in or are dualspecced into a role that they clearly aren't geared in or comfortable with. DeathKinghts wearing caster cloaks, people doing under 3k dps, etc. These things are fine in the entry level raids such as naxx, but once you get into ulduar these trends need to have stopped. Thankfully the regular progression team is at least mostly in line with how to play the game and has yielded some successful raids.

Here, we downed Marrowgar after the first attempt. I died relatively early on making sure an important raid memeber got a brez and moved one second too late. Stupid tree >.<

Here, we have Lady Deathwhisper. This actually took many attempts explaining to the tanks HOW to tank the adds and stop letting the casters focus the poor tree constantly. Then we got to focus on cleaning it up. THEN we focused on going fast enough to beat the enrage timer. Very frustrating, yet satisfying kill.

I believe I died on this one too. I'm sensing a trend...


And yes, that's me and my overhealing at the top. And yes, that's a lightwell in the middle. I lol'd at first but then I found I could finish my casts when I was in DnD and click it and make a clean get away! /kermit yell yaaayayayayayaaay!!!!!

We're on Deathbringer and it was going terrible the first night. The second night went better, as we got all the dps on the same side of the room so the adds weren't going different directions. No Boomkin, so I have to heal in caster form and apply root spam on the targets to slow them down. We're getting better at them but the dps isn't strong enough to nuke through the adds and get on the boss quick enough. 

I've decided I'm going to start leading my own runs for Naxx and lesser content to condition the guild to be faster and more focused on raiding. its a casual guild but the two main healers and our top dps are all hxc players. We're just trying to bring the rest of the guild up to where we play.

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  1. I like the rounded graphics in your UI... it's different, and nice :) Lots of screen space, I love it!

    With two hunters, btw, why not have one of them kite the big empowered adds?

    (that is a lot of priests, btw!!)