Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Tree is Back

I is back!

I know, I know. I haven't posted in forever. But I has good reason: I have stuck out on my own.

After a terrible night in ICC beating our heads against the MINIBOSSES of all things, I got into a small skiffy with the GM who I have never met, nor have I ever seen in a raid (And good thing too, because she is fucking terrible). I left the raid because I was not going to be treated like a door mat. And although we were a "family guild" which didn't focus on progression or raiding, which we had JUST discussed in our guild meeting, I was promptly booted from the guild. Needless to say, within minutes, the other two seasoned players left the guild, leaving them with no one who had any real clue as to what raid leading was.

I reached out to them and we formed our own guild. We started with four people, then we took 4 people from the old guild's progression raid team. We proceeded to pug our way into ICC10, clearing the entire first wing with pugs. Most of whom were so good they became regulars and we snatched them for our own guild.

I became a tank and a healer to satisfy our flexibility. Turns out I'm a pretty good tank. Surprise there.

We went from being a no name guild to 10/12 ICC within a few weeks. We only raid ICC 2 times a week for 4 hours. We also spend a day clearing out old content and achievements. We are now on Anub in ToGC 10 (haven't even attempted him in awhile), full cleared on Uld10, Full cleared all the watchers on hard, pulled most of the achievements, and are working on Algalon and Alone in the dark. Once we finally get the hang of p3 sindragosa, we'll work on arthas. Once we get into hardmodes, we'll sweep through the first three wings with little resistance.

Strictly speaking of we are the furthest progressed non-25 man raiding guild on the server.

We have no loot system to speak of. We just limit the first roles to mainspec who have won nothing, 2nd roll is for MS that HAVE won something, 3rd is offspec, 4th is de. Somehow we managed to find excellent players on a terrible server and if we bothered with 25s we'd prolly be a top guild. We're setting up our videos on a private server atm. My PC isn't good enough to fraps on, but I have the editing software and knowhow, so we have to share our files. Slow but whatcha gon' do?

Below are some screenies:
UI Screencap coming soon!

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