Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 2254, Ran out of Food. Hunter has been eying my Bear Form :(

Merry Christmas! Yay for pagan holidays!

Update time. The new guild goes great. Feels like a better fit overall. They aren't as progressed as the previous, which in turn wasn't as progressed as the ... erm, preprevious? w/e

We went in and 2 shot Marrowgar though, so that was a nice change of pace. Plus there are a larger amount of people that lead raids in this guild, so no more of that, if soandso isn't on then we all just go kick rocks for the night.

Been diggin the new LFG, got my perky lil pug and my title and today, combined with our ICC and Weekly and Dailies I picked up my first new cloak! Which is a big deal since my luck on cloaks is matched only by my luck with bracers, which I DID eventually upgrade in FoS or PoS, I can't be bothered to remember. Good thing to, because those bands of the great tree were getting a little chaffy.

Anyone else a little miffed that Blizz is just dumping a million pets on us? I mean, I get making raiding easier, but jesus, now there's no real reason to be a pet collector. My BANK ALT has a half dozen already. Kinda irks me a bit.

But here's my big story of the day: Newbies.

Its great i can deck my tank spec in full t9. Its great my alts can be as geared as my main in a week. What isn't great is the people who don't know their class yet. Jumping in a HoR group is hit or miss. There are tons of players popping up now that have the gear, but have no skill to match it. It is like an influx of bad players. As the weeks continue, you will see this trend get worse, I'm sure. And Heaven help us if they implement the LFR feature.

Can you just imagine?

"Hey t9 mage, sheep X"
"Whats a sheep?"

"Hey, T9 Paladin, DI the healer"
"DUI? What are you asking me to do? I AIN'T BREAKIN THE LAW!"

"Brez the Healer!"

"You know how to hold aggro right?"
"Sure, my main spec is unholy!"

I know, I know, I'm a pessimist. But at least I set my expectations low. The WoW community in general has yet to let me down, only surprise me on occasion.I just don't have a high bar for people who can't spell "A Lot" properly.

I wanna hear your LFG stories! Good AND bad!

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