Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Blah Blah Blah

Been busy lately. Here's a rundown:

Started up my guild, so far it is just two of us, but the idea is to build up a Casual Hardcore guild. What IS a Casual Hardcore guild, you ask? It is as it sounds. You take all the requirements of a HxC guild, Min/Maxing your gear, Class Knowledge, Strat Knowledge, Punctuality, Proper Gems/Enchants/Gear, Desire and Ambition. Then you take a Casual approach to raiding, 3 nights @ 4 hours. You basically have a guild full of people who play for fun, like to have a good time, joke around, but when it comes to raids /serious face. To make sure we hit the casual part on the head, we've basically decided on a Tue-Thur raid schedule, leaving people their weekends to go out, have fun, RP, PvP, w/e they want to do, Kirin Tor IS an RP server after all, and people do like their time off.

Working on dailies, mostly Argent Tourny stuff, its a helluva way to get city rep. Guess I never noticed on Notabear since he was an Ambassador before they added the title. Rep is still a pain in the butt.

Working on my gear. Trying to tackle two specs at once is tougher than I thought it would be. I usually make sure that I'm the only leather melee in a group and that Tenjo is the only caster, that way we get the loot we want if it drops. I pass on all healing gear unless she doesn't want it or has it. I use drops to build my kitty set and badges for my healing set. As you can imagine my healing set is superior to my melee set.

Here's what I have noticed. Bring a resto druid and a kitty and filling the group with a tank, ret pally, and another melee makes the runs fast and easy on everyone. We ended up farming heroics and I'm almost 2 piece bonus. (^_^)

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