Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drama Llama Visits Hoshiko

Woohoo! Recently 80 on my newest server and already I gots teh drama!!!!!!!

Oh drama, how I have missed you.

So, my g/f got invited to a pug Sarth+1 after an exceptionally executed ToC. I got jealous.

So I joined a pug Naxx. Mmmm Puggity Goodness.

Anywho, The Forethought Talisman dropped and My G/F who I got invited (Brownie Points to me) Rolls off against a priest. No big deal. Right? Wrong. The priest immediatly throws a fit because she won. "Do you even HAVE direct healing spells?"

Later it drops again, but the ML afk'd to a D/C. Everyone stays to wait, he doesn't come back so the RL has people roll. I win with the only roll. 30 minutes later the ML D/C's completely. 5 minutes later the priest says, "OK, I'm back. Did I win the Trinket?"

Me: No, I did. 32 minutes ago.
Him: WHAT?!?!? /bitchfest
The Raid: You weren't around for loot.

The next two hours were involved with GM tickets, the Priest who randomly got the RL AND ML spot from the D/C, inorite?, randomly kicking people who disagree with him and are on my side, which is everyone.

Here's A proper Breakdown:

Mytheral: I should get to roll since I wasn't around when YOU decided to do loot rolls.
Me: Um, no. See everyone else stuck around to do loot. You decided to afk during loot.
Mytheral: The ML Afk'd so that's not my problem, Its only fair I get to roll.
Death Knight: Who the fuck goes AFK during loot? What if he had come back before you did? Then what?
Mytheral: /kick DK
Me: great. You're a sore loser in hit gear >.<
Mytheral: I didn't lose. You guys didn't wait for me!
Me: You went afk for 28 minutes. 2 more minutes and you would have D/C'd. No RL in their right mind would hold up an entire raid for one single person who can't be bothered to be around for the loot they want. If it was THAT important to you, you should have waited like everyone else.
Mytheral: *Insert 20 minute complain session interspersed with a 10 minute fight in General with the people he kicked*
Me: You Have Mail. You have received Forethought Talisman.

I love idiots. They create drama. And me? Yeah, I'm like TNT.

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