Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Story of Truth

Gather around, My Children, fore I must speak.

There are some things that I have come to KNOW. These things have always been permanent and were basically set in stone.

This no longer applies.

I'm not sure if I am the only person out there who noticed the change when it happened but it made me remember being on the other side of the same situation many moons ago.

To understand this story, we must go back to the beginning. Back before Arthas sent a horde of flesh eating zombies to ravage our beloved homes. Back further than the days when Illidan was still conquering our brothers' and sisters' ancient homeworld and turning its people into demonic slaves and sacrifices. Back to the days of an old wound that will soon rip itself open visiting a deadly and life changing cataclysm to everything we hold dear.

Many years ago, there were a group of Dwarves who for one reason or another turned their backs on their brethren. These lost souls sought to form an alliance with the evil Black Dragon Flight. Their goals were to bring back their evil overlords and send the entirety of Azeroth to a burning and smoldering ruin. Back in those days, we were all fighting in the depths of the Molten Core to stop these nefarious plans from coming to fruition.

As we brought down the evil Black Dragon Flight, we were accosted be an evil force living beneath our very homelands. Bugs. Enchanted by the whisperings of the Old Gods, the Silithid grew strong and believed that by delivering the Old Gods back into our world, they, in turn, would become Gods. We fought long and hard in those days. But, certain truths were just that. Truths.

Warriors were our tanks. Priests were our healers. Warlocks used Soul Shards and summoned her allies to her feet. The idea that a priest would veer away from the light and turn to the darkness was utter rubbish. No druid would ever dream of standing before the hordes of darkness to protect his fellow heroes, they also healed us in our times of need as they were. There were no trees in those days. The idea of flying was dismissed as heresy and druids were dismissed as the bastard children of Elune for their inability to resurrect someone from the edge of death.

I had an acquaintance who longed to reach beyond the holy realms of the priests and tap into the darkness within. We went to our Commander and requested his acceptance. It was denied. The truths spoke for themselves. No Shadow Priest could ever, EVER, contribute enough damage to assist our forces in full on war. No Druid could ever, EVER hold an enemies attention long enough to slaughter his troops nor to allow us to fell him. Paladins were Alliance and Shaman were Horde. This was a simple fact and I was thanked to keep my rebellious ideas to myself.

In the face of the Legion, however, all this changed. Opposing factions embraced the ideologies of each other and came together to destroy a common foe. Flying became accepted as truth, aliens and outcasts were accepted as equals, Priests turned to the darkside, Druids grew brave enough to put themselves in harms way and believed in themselves enough to bring a soul back from an otherwise permanent sleep. These became truths, regardless of how fanciful they were deemed before. Some new truths came about.

Death Knights were evil and brought only horror and misery. Arthas was NOT a threat any longer. The two warring factions were further split by inner turmoil that ran amok in our sanctuary, Shattrath. Kael'thas was dead. The legion was defeated.

This set of truths would turn out later to be a falsity and the ground upon which these lies revealed themselves, also unearthed the hatred between the two opposing factions once again.

Then it happened. Everything we knew was shaken again. Arthas WAS in deed a real threat and he intended to mark this point by trying to destroy our entire world with flesh eating zombies in a full on invasion. The Alliance saw their long lost king returned to them, only to find he was more bloodthirsty than any horde. The Horde saw their leaders fighting amongst each other. Old Gods returned to destroy our souls, spiders clawed their way from the ground up and yet, new truths became as they are now. These truths stand on the verge of collapse. Why then, have I fought so hard to deny these new truths?

I know that within time, the darkest force our world has ever known will reenter our lives. He will succeed in the destruction of our beloved home. Peace will be a distant memory. The prophecies speak these truths.

Azeroth will weep in pain and suffering. Our darkest foes shall rise again. The earth will erupt in pain and fire. The oceans shall rise and swallow the surrounding lands. New alliances shall be made, and the heroes of our world will rise to the challenge. When they rise, it shall be as new heroes.

I have to accept these truths, as do you. Death Knights, having served their purpose, will remain amongst us. We will fight our way through the destruction and learn new Paths that we must walk. The dark and mysterious Worgen and the crafty and financially savvy Goblins will both be a part of our wars. Gnomes will embrace the light, dwarves shall embrace the earth which bred them. Tauren will embrace the light as well and there will be many trolls.

There may come a time when we no longer shapeshift into a tree. There may be a time when we may no longer shapeshift into anything. A day may come when we are no longer needed. I must accept these truths, as do you, but not as truths. Oh no, my children. We must accept these things as life. An ever changing life.

As a druid, it is my duty to embrace the entirety of life, all its glorious moments and all of its darkest tragedy. The world in which we exist, is a living, breathing world that changes on a whim. The future that was once so certain, has no longer remained that way. As druids, we MUST adapt to these changing times in kind. As our forms shift, so must our minds. Do not dismiss things because the truths have always been as such.

Truth is not a constant. Truth is just as changing as the winds in our leaves.

Remember this, My Children, as this is the most important lesson of life:

The only constant, is change.

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