Saturday, September 5, 2009

ToC and Instance Servers Fixed.

So they finally fixed the instance servers. Thank God. Seriously.

So we decided to do some heroics like in the good ol' days. Turns out after doing the chick in ToC, heroics are fuckin' easy sauce. I'm talking rolling mobs left and right, and while I have some epics from ToC, I'm in mostly quest rewards still and not a damn thing is gemmed. Or threaded. Or meta'd. I mean I got enchants cause I do that sort of thing, but mostly, not a thing.

I have been filling out my resto set while going all cat claws to the face, mostly because my girlfriend does the healing. When I raid, it'll be as a tree, but for 5's I can be a kitten.


Learn to do the joust BEFORE going into ToC.
If you get knocked off your mount, quickly heal yourself on the way to a new one.
Champions can do the same, stand on them after they fall.
Verify with your group first if you are going to run out after the dismount or not.
Remember where the door is >.<
Remember to reequip your weapons.Kill order should usually be:
Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, Mage. There will only be three.

Easy as Crumb Cake.

Second fight.

You get 3 trash groups. Healer, Pally, Monk. Usually in that order.
Go Left to Right so noone gets lolrolled by the boss.
Paletress or Eadric. Paletress is the chick and she sucks.

When the warning says shield your eyes, do that. In game obviously.
Hammer of LOL. Dispell it. PvP trinkets. Cleanse.
If you don't its easily a 15k hit.
If you do Button 1 on the quickbar throws the hammer back.
That's it.

Nuke her to 50%.
Ignore her.
An add will spawn somewhere.
Fear wards, tremor totems, etc can stop the fear.
Cannot be interrupted.
Renew can be dispelled.
Back on her.
This fight is the hardest of the bunch. Her renew is insane and the fear can cause problems. Her bubble reflects damage ala Disc Priest.
The add reduces cast time >.<

the Black Knight:

Group up for Wild Growth.
Barkskin, Nature's Grasp the ghoul.
Stay out of Desecrate.

P2. Stay away from Army of the Dead.

p3. Watch who has Marked for Death, they'll take lots of damage.

Collect Loot.

Regular ToC is the hardest Regular on par with Heroic Nexus.
heroic ToC is the hardest.

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