Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How To Win Frozen Halls

So some info on the new 5 mans.

Forge of Souls:

First boss, Bronjahm, targets a person who should then run to the edge of the room so that the little ball can either be killed before it heals him or so that the tank has more time to try and kite him away if you want to get the achievement.

Run in when he does his vortex and try not to get eaten by the fear into a vortex.

Strategy is simple:
Since you cannot stop the funk, you'll just have to get on up, get on the scene and kill him like a sex machine.

Turning on game sounds is a moral imperative.

2nd boss, Devourer of Souls. Casts TONS of Phantom Blasts on the tank, interrupt all of them for the achievement. Also they hurt tanks. When he jumps from person to person he drops a Well of Souls on the ground. Don't Stand In It. Lasts for 15 seconds, easier than anything to avoid.

MIRRORED SOUL. STOP DPS. COMPLETELY. All dmg done to him will be done to the target as well. As soon as it ends (There's a beam from him to his target) continue nuking.

Unleash Souls is just dumb. He makes a bunch of nontargetable mobs that you can ignore or kite if they hit you too hard. We just ignore them.

Wailing Souls. Think Mimi. Stay out of the blast and move around him.

Remember the Blast and the Mirrored Soul and he's a joke.

Pit of Saron:

First boss, Forge Master Garfrost, is easy. He melees and throws giant rocks. Don't stand under them, but hide behind them to keep permafrost below 8 stacks for the achievement. For the tank to drop it you'll need to burn him to 66% and then to 33% and hide behind a rock BEFORE you get 8 stacks.

He also checks his giant underpants to make sure they are clean.

Second Boss,  Ick. Pull the guys separately as they can be confusing when brought together. Basic Melee and Dodge Giant Blobs of Poison fight. He wil sometimes choose a player to attack and then chase after them, just run away.

He will cast a poison nova that must be avoided. Only an 18yrd range so just move back. 5 second cast.

Explosive Barrage is easy to fight through. He tosses exploding missiles on the ground where you stand, simply move away, wait for the next one to target you, run back and dps the boss, move away from the new ones, move back rinse and repeat.

Now before I mention the 3rd boss, I'd like to discuss the next 2 packs of mobs.

The first pack consists of 4 casters and a crazy witch lady. They suck for melee since the hellfire and when they all hellfire together they will kill you. It isn't too bad if your healer is good to have everyone grab their own target so they aren't together. When one hellfires, you just move to another until he is done or the other begins. Mostly it is a chaotic mess that ranged makes simpler.

The second set of mobs consist of 4 melee and 2 casters. The melee are whatever, but the casters do that annoying naga spell where they cast the ice on the ground and if you get caught in it you die.

Manage them and its cake.

Next is the tunnel TO the final boss. To get the achievement do as follows:

Gather up at the door, prehot/bubble/etc. RUN to the circle on the ground halfway through the tunnel while dodging the Hodir Styled Snowfalls, DON'T GET HIT, stand on the gaint circle under the menacing elemental that isn't there on regular so it scares the bejeezus out of your tank, and aoe them all down. The snow doesn't fall in this circle. Once you are done, heal back up, mobs will continue to spawn in front but not behind. When you are ready, rush the tunnel again and go all the way through it and stand just inside the bosses room, aoe them down. Accept Achievement.(You MUST kill all of them to get the achievement).

3rd boss, Tyrannus, is attackable by ranged during his blahblahblah scene, so have at him. The frost wyrm will spit frost on the ground which will hurt you if it hits you on the way down, so avoid those. Rimefang will target a player for an Icy Attack. Move away from other players as it will ice spike them as well.

Tyrannus will Empower, usually after Forceful Smash, Kite him. Think Anub. Run across the ice patch to slow him down and allow him to be kited.

Overlord's Brand. Any DPS who gets this must STOP DPS or you will kill your tank. Any Healer who gets this STOP HEALING or you will heal the boss. Kill, loot, get saved by your mistress of choice.

Halls of Reflection:

First Boss: Disconnect boss. To defeat this boss you must repeatedly throw yourself at the portal and pray you make it through.

Second Boss: Freeze Frame. This boss will randomly freeze the dungeon for 15 minutes. Immune to all spells and abilities.

Third Boss: RP Boss. To defeat this boss you must fight off Boredom which is cast on the raid. Once you defeat this boss you may face Falric.

Falric: This boss is wave 5 of 10. The first 4 waves are made up of different mobs. Kill the ranged with ranged, the mage will make a copy of itself, just move to the mage to kill both. Kill the priest, derr. Ranged can take out the riflemen. Standing in the hallway allows the tank to get all the aggro.Scourge Imprisonment is handy here.

When Falric become active he will attack. Counteract the fear as much s possible, Hopelessness will eventually reduce healing by 75% and dps by 60% as he loses health.

Repeat the gauntlet.

Marwyn: Don't dispel Shared Suffering unless you can handle the splash dmg, stay out of wells of corruption and extra heals on tank for obliterate.

Lich King:

Stay out of 10 yards from him. In order to get past the walls, you must defeat the waves of undead. Grab them and aoe or single target as you see fit. Keep them off the lady helping you and burn fast. You have 6 minutes to get the achievement. Make it to the end and you get the last boss.

Disconnet Boss Redux: Attempt to run up and collect your reward before the boss DC's you and freezes all the instance servers on your realm.

TIP: Levitate allows you to access the ship.

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