Friday, December 4, 2009

Hunters can haels lawlz

So I hate hunters now.

Last night we were bored after toc so we did sarth and naxx for some other guildies' achievements. Somehow one of our hunters decided he was going to give me a run for my money.

I was topping the healing meters in both healing and overhealing cause that's what I do. Both our priests were disc. One only HAS disc and the other refused to go holy for reasons only she knows and because she's RL friends with most of the guild so she does w/e the hell she wants. Of course this means I was doing 60% of the healing myself. Nothing more annoying than 2 disc in a 10 man imo. So anywho. I'm making the meters call me daddy when the hunter decideds to chain mend pet.

We ended sarth like this:

Hoshiko (That's me): 1.05 Million Healing 5.03 Million Overhealing
hunter in question: 1.05 Million Healing 5.01 Million Overhealing
Pure Disc Priest: 750 Thousand Healing 640 Thousand Absorbed
Stubborn Disc Priest: 700 Thousand Healing 660 Thousand Abosrbed

As you can see while both priests were doing roughly similar healing Myself and the HUNTER did 33.1% of the healing between us. THE HUNTER! Of course it reflected in his DPS because he forgot to turn Viper off so he could keep mana, sneaky bugger, and he fell to 2 dps and 3rd in overall damage.

Mend Pet is OP.

stupid hunters >.<

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