Friday, August 21, 2009

2 Things

2 things for now.

1. My g/f farmed me a deviate hatchling yesterday. It took her all day long to get it. I love her so much (^_^)

2. I was not excited about the xpac until I got to SEE it in relative action. I may add Female Goblin Priest and Worgen Druid to my arsenal. I don't like trolls.


  1. haha, grats! This go around I said "screw it, I AIN'T farmin' no more pets" and bought them from the AH. I'm just missing the Ravasaur hatchling that nobody seems to be posting :(

    I don't care what it takes, however...I want a mini core hound pet!!!!

  2. Notabear bought a leaping hatchling for like 400g, now they're all 4k so w0000