Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So. There I was: farming the Deviate Hatchling. I'd been farming him for 3 days now. That's over 40 runs. I was doing it on my Death Knight because my druid needed to level and had places she needed to be.

As I was coming around the back wall for the final stretch... it dropped.

I was so excited that I immediately opened my bags to verify that he was in there and without thinking about it... clicked on him.

My cheer of "whooo" immediately caught in my throat and changed to a loud AHHH!

My heart sank as I opened my pet tab and saw that, Yes, I am that stupid.

Now I have a stupid Death Knight with my little dinosaur while his TRUE owner sulks in Northrend.

I immediately opened a ticket to the GMs and tried to farm up another one, hoping my luck would come back. It did not. Quite the opposite in fact.

Too Many Instances. Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched. Please Try Again Later.

My last hope was the GM.

When the chime sounded and I realized there was a GM wanting to talk to me, I grew excited and let hope build up. Unfortunately, it came crashing down mere moments later when I was informed that, due to the fact that pets are tracked by achievements, they cannot replace a pet that has been learned. I even offered to delete the stupid evil Death knight Thief, but Alas, Andorhol, there was nothing he could do.

So, sulking I returned to my evil Knight of Darkness to resume her duties and farm up another Dino.


Fuck you, too.

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