Monday, August 10, 2009

New Forms. New hatred.

My Nelf is white.

White bear. White cat.

I love the cat, I hate the bear.

There is no medium.

Alliance got screwed.

My cow is black.

Black cow. Black cat.

My cow looks like a badass.

I can have different color bear and cat forms.

I give it 5 months before they allow Nelfs to factor in skin tone as well. I really wanted to be a white kitty and a black bear.

Has anyone else noticed that the alliance forms look girlie and the horde forms look manly? I mean, I see a tauren cat and I think "That guy looks cool" or "Hey, he looks just like the old cat."

When I see the Nelf cat I think, "She's pretty."

Imagine my disappointment when that cute little purple kitten shifts into a dorky looking Nelf male. I HATE nelf men. The way they run, the way their hair looks. I always imagine the people playing them look just like them and that's not a good thing.

On a side note, Draenei men walk like they are walking on their tiptoes. It makes them look like they pooed their epic little pants.


Just finished the quest in Zang where you turn into one of the bird guys from The Dark Crystal. They have a dance animation, a wave animation, and a kiss animation. The dance = amazing. I love Skettlebutts.

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