Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 more points and a treekin?

Keeva has a really good write up on Resto talents that most people ignore or otherwise say mean and dirty things about here. On her heels:

The contemplation as to what I will do at 85 has me perplexed. I don't get any new spells, only new talent points. Okay, I suppose, but I already have more points than I REALLY need. Or do I? 5 more levels means 5 more points. That means I could max out CF AND still get ET and NP, or maybe put more points into TS. I could even get IT if I wanted or IBS.

Then another thought dawned on me, with the proper spec setup you could be a boomkin AND a tree. You could swap to boomkin and help on trash without using Dual Spec. Sure, your boomkin may not be epic leet and all, but it just makes things go faster. You lose a DPS and now you aren't going to beat the enrage? /boomkin /pewpew.

You may lose some of your other talents, but with the upcoming changes to the talents overall, you may not notice. Though it does make one wonder as to what they are going to do to our trees. Too much speculation. Makes my leaves get all frizzled.

As a side note, they are nerfing 4pcT8 by 50%. It makes sense. Kinda stupid to have a 4pc so good that you don't stop wearing it. Ever.

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