Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Age Rage

Alright, I tried to play nicely with people and what did it get me? More irritation.

Why is it that whenever someone says something idiotic or immature, people automatically brand them as 12.

soandso says: I like touching your moms penis.
sumoneelse says: What are you, 12?

That's an example.

Here's my problem. Soandso is most likely late 20s early 30s or somewhere there abouts. He's obviously bored and wanted to start a troll war or thought he was being funny blahblahblah. Irrelevant.

Here's what IS relevant. You know those amazing players that are always mature, thoughtful, helpful, and generally amazing players? Yeah those are kids. They aren't online during the day because they were at work all day. They were in school.

When they say things like, school must be out, what they should say is, oh, there must not have been enough traffic cause Douchy McDouchums made it home from work in record time.

The most immature, hotheaded, and rude players that I have played with have all been late 20s through late 30s. They ALWAYS thought they were right regardless of how wrong they were. They cussed excessively, made references to porn, PLAYED porn on vent during raids, got hard-ons when girls talked in vent and then TALKED about their hard-ons over vent, never tipped, showed up late to raids, expected a spot, demanded loot, NEVER read boss strats, and more often than not weren't very good at the game in general. BUT, they were adults.

The most intelligent, kindhearted, fun, and thoughtful people that I have played with were usually under 18. Always early to raids with ALL the reagents and then some for those of us who were running late, always willing to pass on loot in favor of seeing content, always polite and respectful of others, never called people out for being terribad, learned their class better than they learned science, knew the strats and knew their role BEFORE we walked in the door, never spoke on vent because they didn't want to get made fun of by the older raiders, always willing to step down for another player, always ready to tip for everything, oh, and did I mention they were fun to play with?

The point is this:

Everyone gives kids a bad name, but remember that kids are better at games than adults. You know that druid that outhealed you, Mr. I'mTheBestHealerEver? He was 13. That hunter who managed to pull 8k dps on patch? That's his brother. 11. That twisted looking undead mage who keeps destroying you in arena? She's 8. That one person in trade who tries to calm everyone down and get trade normal again? Under 18. All the others that keep fanning the flames? 26, 32, 19, 23, 41.

People automatically start assuming that immature people are kids and the truth of the matter is they aren't. Those are full grown men claiming that girls can't raid. Those are CEOs of multinational corporations that are making those Chuck Norris jokes. That's an Air Traffic Controller who keeps putting Murloc in movie titles.

That guy who blew up in vent the other night because he was late to the raid and his spot wasn't ready for him still, 28 minutes later? He was 37. The guy that stepped out of the raid so he could have a spot? He was probably 15.

I have more respect for some of these kids than I do for these adults. So you know what? Call me a kid. Ask me if I'm 13. You know what I'm gonna say? Nothing. Because I'm not some lame ass adult who starts fights on the internet. I have more important things to do.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to write about this in my, I mean my blog.

Totally different.

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