Monday, August 17, 2009

Problems in Loretown

Half of the supposed leaks have me fuming, the other half have me excited. Let's start with my pent-up anger, cause you know, it's what I do.

Goblins. Really? Like the Horde really want their own Gnome race? After years of jokes about them being so small, now the Horde get a pint sized snack all their own? Here's the problem: Goblins are business... erm... things. They can't do business by aligning with one side or the other and if only PART of the Goblins merge then where does that leave the others? It is a stupid idea that lore does not support. Not to mention the fact that the lore that is supposed to work with this is flawed. According to various "leaks", Deathwing hunts the Goblins down and they run for their lives only to come across an Alliance ship which "apparently" has a captured Thrall on board. Yeah, we'll not focus on the fact that the Alliance managed to capture the leader of the Horde for a moment, but instead will focus on the ludicrous idea that the Goblins would even stop to help him by fighting off the Alliance while running for their lives to save a single orc and then siding with the Horde. There's also the fact that Thrall leaves the Horde, which makes one wonder why the Goblins would stay aligned with a faction when the leader they chose to follow leaves said faction. Apparently, Goblins get stupid in the expansion.

Worgen. We all know the Worgen are coming. Choosing a side is logical. Why they chose Alliance is a little... dumb, I guess is the word I am looking for. The Alliance hate foul creatures created by the dark magics of the world. The Horde seem to love them. Unless the Horde creates war on the Worgen and they turn to the Alliance for help, and then King Douchie-Douche, decides NOT to be a Douchie-Douche long enough to align with the forces of darkness that wiped out an entire city of humans just so he can fight with New Horde leader Douchie-McDouche. Good game plan.

Hellscream. Seriously? Thrall loves his people so much he abandons them and leaves Garrosh in charge? An orc so angry he has no understanding of politics and will just treat the Horde as an army, not to mention he slaughters the Tauren Chieftain for being anti-horde and allows his son to lead them, which makes sense, because no son would ever want to kill the man who betrayed his father.

Tauren Paladins. Fuck you. If you can't see the issue here, you are as dumb as the person who thought this was a good idea. Next we should make Night Elf Mages.

Night Elf Mages. Really? I can't hate this idea enough. First we take the Earth Lovers and give them a follower of the Light, which goes against everything the Tauren stand for and now we give the Earth Loving Magic Hating hippies a Magic Class and don't throw that whole, "Nelfs have priests" crap in my face. Priests follow Elune, that don't use "magic". Besides, Nelfs shunned magic and made people who liked or used it go to the Horde.

Things I like.

The whole planet getting fucked up. Hell yeah, let's destroy some shit. Blow up Black Rock Spire! Flood the Barrens! Make Azshara a lvl 10 zone... wait what? Oh well, flood the Blasted Lands. That will make the portal to the Dark portal a little interesting, no?

To be honest the only things I'm excited about is the world changing cataclysmic event. That sounds fun. The other ideas need to be burned alive.

And if Hellscream is in charge, I will never play my Tauren again.

Oh yeah! Picture of the New World!

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