Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life After 3.2

Ok, so the big question is always what works, what doesn't work, where's all the new shit, how do I do this?


Well I suppose that's really 4 questions and yes, I had to go back and count those questions. It has been a long day.

So, what works:

Blizzard has copied ItemPriceTooltip which, I'll say it, is pretty poorly coded. However, if you aren't using a mod for that already, there you go. It works but it is incompatible with something or another.

Blizz also copied RatingBuster and EquipCompare. EquipCompare is now moot and you'll want to turn that or the equivalent off, less you get more errors and wasted memory usage. RatingBuster on the other hand is still very nice and I prefer it to the default Blizz one, sadly, now it fluctuates with memory and cpu usage with no particular rhyme or reason. You're pretty much stuck with the default one now.

What doesn't work:

Anything that was based on unit aggro colors and/or healing was pretty much bunked. Luckily Grid was updated for those of us that still use it. oUF on the other hand has issues. Not oUF itself, but a majority of the profiles that were created are now filled with one error or another. Of course this means that my oUF grid replacement is also kaput.

So, I went with StufUF. Turns out that while it is bigger than the other UFs, once you have it configured and set up it takes up less cpu/memory usage than almost ANY UF. It has its own Grid replacement as well and I have yet to encounter any issues.

Where's the New Hotness?

The orphans are in Dalaran and are easy enough to obtain. Flight form is in your trainers teachings and costs less than 3g. Breanni in Dal has your new dino, which you can also collect the rest by killing boss dinos and rare spawn dinos around the world. Mount trainer in Hippy Town has your ugly ass new tiger, while Brill has your new dead horse. Enjoy farming rep a la Wintersaber style to get your very own Ravasaur mount. For you Twinks out there, you'll want to gather up 10g and pay off the guy by the BG Masters so you don't unwittingly become the best geared lowbie in your next battleground. Gear Manager is better than ever as well.

How do I do this?

IoC? You'll want to read up on that, but basically, take the docks and the factory to win. Its a little lopsided atm. Fly? Get a 310% mount and do it like the big boys do it, only with druid "I-can-loot-shit-without-getting-aggro-aaaaand-go-sexy-fast" style. Heal? Stop using LB so much. Throw your hands up in defeat as Blizz does everything in their power to PROVE that Nourish is a great spell. Never mind that they slowly take away or destroy every other spell until we use that and only that. Then they'll nerf it because we don't use our other spells anymore. /sigh. The life of a druid.

Oh and don't forget to pick up your Cold Weather Flying Book so all your alt druids, I'm looking at YOU Keeva... and admittedly, myself, can fly the chilly skies with everyone else, only sooner.

Blahblahblah. More about me!

I LOVE my new kitty. I'll admit, I wasn't very happy with the forms at first, but seeing them in game is something all together different. Anyone else just want to grab their kitteh and huggle it? They look so soft and they make me think of my late kitty. Alliance only of course. Horde kitty is a scary and frightening badass that looks like he'd suddenly BAM! CAT CLAWS TO THE FACE!

I don't really like the bear form very much, not much of an improvement in that aspect, but I'm Notabear so, meh. WTB Apple Tree Form.

I'll snap some screenies of my new UI, which I now love. It only cost me 2 levels with distractions. OCD kicks in at times. Leveling in the Outlands with Bird Form is so Game Genie It isn't even funny. I'll be in Northrend before next weekend. I hope. Maybe then I can focus on what this blog will really be about. Healing. Cause we don't have enough resto druid blogs imo. Hopefully I can fill the niche of angry tree. Here's a pic!

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