Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally 80

W00t! Hoshiko is finally 80. That makes, what? 2 80 druids and another one coming as soon as I can be a Worgen. I really AM turning into Keeva. I think she's contagious.

When I went to respec I realized that I hadn't gotten any gear yet, so I just kept my MS Feral and my OS Resto. I'll just run dungeons as a kitteh and use the drops and badges for resto gear. She'll be as equally geared as Nota whitin the month. Kinda sad when ya think about it.

Some things that make me say, hmmm:

I know I'm strong and all, but serisouly, where do I keep these car partts I keep picking up? 30 Car parts seems like they would be heavy, and I just flew over and grabbed up a plane engine for Hemit that I'm not sure where I put.

How are there still mobs in the game? Hemit has hunted every single animal on Azeroth AND the Outlands. I was revisiting Nagrand just yesterday and thought it was very peaceful, until I realized there wasn't a living thing in the entire zone. I suppose that's why he's in Sholazar now, nothing else left to kill. I bet if we tell him the Lich King is a giant Rhino, he'll kill Arthas for us.

Why do I still have lowbie bags? >.<

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